A Sense of the Absurd with Etgar Keret

There are so many things to like about this morning’s connection to Tom Ashbook’s interview with Israeli writer, Etgar Keret on NPR’s OnPoint. First is the interview itself; an intimate and authentic conversation between these two gentle men. Second, is a glimpse of the audible version of several of the short stories in his new book, Suddenly, A Knock at the Door. It sent me immediately to iTunes to download the book. And next it took me on an web journey to find out more about Etgar Keret, a remarkable writer and human being.


Etgar Keret writes stories so short and weird and wonderful they make you stop and thinkā€¦ Keret is a fabulist, and hip, and deep. And Israeli. Critics compare him to Kafka, Kurt Vonnegut, Woody Allen. A writer who knows what Bruno Bettelheim called ‘the uses of enchantment,’ in a life and place that can seem relentlessly brutal.” Tom Ashbrook, NPR’s On Point

Photo: Moshe Shai



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